September 13, 2019


Hot weather increased demand for electricity and many people panicked with electricity bills. If you know how to invest in a reasonable rooftop solar power system, it will not only reduce electricity costs but also have electricity left over to sell to the electricity industry.

During the current hot weather, solar radiation reaches a high level, the solar power system produces the highest amount of electricity.
Significantly reduce electricity bill
Not only HCMC, in the Mekong Delta region, solar power is also developing strongly.
Mr. Luu Minh Thien (living in Ward 9, Soc Trang City) – one of the leaders in the installation of the rooftop solar system in the locality – said that once a month his facility had to pay for electricity. 24 million.
From November 2018, Mr. Thien spent 1.1 billion VND to install a solar system with a capacity of 50kWp and since then he only costs about 6 million dong of electricity each month, saving 18 million dong / month. .

“In the near future, I will invest to install about 50kWp for the remaining factories. It is calculated that I will get back the capital after 5 years of investment” – Mr. Thien said.
Similarly, Mr. Le Ngoc Quy (living in P.An Hoa, Q.Ninh Kieu, Can Tho) said that in January, he spent 62 million dong to invest in a solar power system with a capacity of 2.96 kWp. Since then, many times the surplus solar electricity has been used in Quy’s family activities and on the national grid.
Mr. Quy calculated: “In 5-6 years, get the capital back, while the equipment is guaranteed for 25 years”.
Also in Can Tho, Southern Fisheries Industry Co., Ltd. (Q.M Mon) boldly invested in solar power for production.
Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Loc, deputy director of the company, said he signed a contract with the Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC) and another unit to install solar power systems. The company only reciprocates 10% of installation costs, the rest is deducted from the electricity kilowatts saved from solar water heaters within 5 years.
“In addition to not having to pay about VND 20 million per month for electricity for water heating systems, the company is highly energy audited. The money saved we can set up a welfare fund to support officials, employees of the company “- Mr. Loc said.
According to Mr. Huynh Minh Hai – Director of Soc Trang Power Company, there are 33 customers who have installed solar PV roofs with a total capacity of 337kWp so far. Not only ensure electricity use, these customers also generate electricity on the national grid an average of 4,454 kWh / month.
In Can Tho, there are 81 customers installing solar power. Tran Vi Duc, deputy director of Can Tho Power Company, said that the procedure to register the connection of solar power to the national grid is quite simple.
Specifically, customers only need to send information of the proposal to sell solar power to local electricity. The power units will provide technical advice and survey, technical inspection as well as installation of free 2-way meters to customers.
All electricity from the solar system to the national grid will be recorded and paid in accordance with current regulations.
1,200 southern customers have invested in solar power
According to Mr. Lam Hoang Phuoc – Head of EVN SPC community relations, many localities provided by EVN SPC have the advantage of solar radiation.
Specifically, according to a survey of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan areas have the highest solar radiation, so the solar power system invested in these areas maximizes the generating capacity.
According to Mr. Phuoc, in 21 southern provinces and cities, there are 1,200 customers who have invested in solar power with the output of electricity to the grid of about 3 million kWh.
Many people wonder how much capacity each household installs with solar power systems is enough for families and has enough to sell to the electricity industry?
Mr. Phuoc said that depending on the ground area as well as the capacity of electrical equipment in the house, the capacity needs to be calculated. However, with an average calculation of about 8m2 to invest 1kWp, it needs an area of ​​more than 40m2 to invest 5kWp.
When solar power reaches the highest efficiency (from about 11-13pm), electricity generates about 4kWp. This capacity is sufficient to simultaneously supply about 10 bulbs (200W), 2 air-conditioners (2,000W), 1 refrigerator (500W) and a television, induction hob, blower (total 1,300W).
In this case, customers still use more electrical equipment, the electricity system will automatically get electricity from the national grid to offset.
According to Mr. Trinh Quang Dung – solar expert, at night when there is no sunlight, the indoor electrical system will use the national grid. But by using solar power, the amount of electricity used from the national grid will decrease.
“A household uses about 600kWh of national electricity per month, but when solar power is available, the national electricity use will be reduced by about half, helping to avoid the electricity falling into the progressive high price steps.
Especially during the time when customers do not use electricity and solar power is sold to the national grid and collect monthly fees “- Mr. Dung stated for example.
Maximum support for people installing solar power
According to Lam Hoang Phuoc, EVN SPC aims to increase solar power capacity in 21 southern provinces from 20mWp to 95mWp in 2019.
Mr. Phuoc said that there are currently many units supplying solar equipment with packages of technical and financial support.
Specifically, some units offer support packages to ensure the generating capacity of solar power systems with an efficiency of 75-80%, if not, they will make up for the shortage. They are also affiliated with preferential loan banks …
Besides, the electricity industry will create the most favorable conditions for customers to sell solar power.