Product and Service


LEVASOLAR provides a full package of solar rooftop systems from engineering, procurement, construction, grid connection, assisting customer to sign power purchase agreement with EVN, handover and maitenance system during operation.

Solar power solution grid-tie can be applied for all places where there is a need of saving electricity using green energy, such as buildings, offices, factories, resorts, hospital, administrative area, etc.

The solar system help to significantly save the electrical cost, fast payback period (5-6 years) and net profit for next 20-25 years, improve brand of investor with the use of green energy, contribute to environment protection, suitable with modern trend on the world.



– Warranty for the whole system for 5 years from the date of acceptance.

– Warranty solar electric equipment in accordance with the standards and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.

– Maintenance of the system without fee for the first 2 years.

– Actively monitor the system to prevent and timely detect incidents and overcome.

– Support customers to maintain, repair, upgrade, improve the system as required with competitive offer.