September 13, 2019


With the characteristics of topography, climate, weather, our country has a great potential of solar radiation, it is estimated that the technical potential of solar power development in Vietnam can be up to 340,000 MWp.

With the State’s policy of encouraging the development of electricity from renewable energy, many solar power projects have been invested in construction, of which rooftop PV is the type with many advantages, which can generate electricity. thrive in the future.
Solar power is installed on a small scale on residential houses, commercial buildings, factories, factories … with a scale of a few kW to MW called rooftop solar PV (DMAM), constituting Simple illustration as follows:

The common solar panels with a capacity of about 290 – 350Wp are designed in a panel style with dimensions of 1956x992x50 mm, an area of ​​about 1.9m2. If the roof area is about 20m2, it is possible to install 10 panels, the maximum power output is about more than 3 kWp, enough for common household electrical appliances.
Advantages of attic solar power:
– Not wasting land area;
– Help enhance effective anti-heat for works;
– Small scale, scattered installation should be connected to the existing low and medium voltage grid, no need to invest in additional transmission grid system;
– Being installed in many rooftops in the city, IZs should work to reduce the transmission grid overload from traditional power sources, often located far from populous centers;
– With a small scale, it is suitable to encourage many individuals and organizations to invest in business with a small capital, achieving the goal of capitalization socialization.
EVN encourages rooftop PV
EVN has been conducting many activities to support and encourage DMAM: Document No. 1337 / EVN-KD dated February 21, 2018 and Document No. 5113 / EVN-KD dated October 9, 2018 to its member units. had initial guidelines to create conditions for businesses and private investors to invest in developing DMT; directing the pioneering member units to carry out the installation of DMAM on the roofs of headquarters buildings, technical works …; Strengthen propaganda activities for people to invest in ĐMTAM.
By the end of 2018, more than 3.2 megawatts of installed electricity were installed at EVN’s projects, of which: Hanoi Power Corporation 52 kWp, Central Power Corporation 352 kWp, Power Corporation southern 1,985 kWp. In the same period, nationwide, it was estimated that 1,800 customers installed 30.12 MWp of solar power capacity.
However, the current installation unit price is still high, about 20 – 23 million VND per kWp. Therefore, the price of electricity produced is not competitive. On the other hand, according to the meteorological surveys, the Northern and Northern Central regions have less sunshine hours than the South Central and Central Highlands regions, the efficiency of investing in DMAM here is still low.
At the same time, due to the fact that it is still late, there is a guiding circular of management agencies on technical standards, specific regulations for investors (3rd parties) to participate in business, and financial support mechanism. for people and businesses to invest, so the scale of solar power development is not commensurate with the potential.
In the seminar on “Promoting the development of ĐMTAM in Vietnam” on February 27, 2019, through evaluating the experience in implementing the DMAM projects, EVN proposed to the Government: encourage agencies and organizations under the ministries. and People’s Committees of provinces and cities install DMMT; a mechanism to support a part of initial investment capital to encourage households to install DMAM; there is a mechanism for investors (third parties) to invest in DMAM on the roof of the project;
EVN also calls for donors, banks, international and domestic organizations to participate deeply in the DMAM market in Vietnam; Manufacturers, suppliers, installers coordinated with EVN to propagandize, promote and provide solutions and services to support the expansion of the DMAM market.